Feb 1, 2013

PlayStation 4 Teased?

     A mysterious video has popped up on PlayStation's official YouTube channel labeled #PlayStation2013, and a teaser page has also appeared on the official PlayStation website. Of course the biggest question is: Is this a teaser for the PlayStation 4? There's certainly a lot of speculation and a lot of eager internet denizens chomping at the bit for more information. Unfortunately it seems we'll have to wait another 19 days before we know for sure what this video is alluding to. For now though you can head over to the page in question and sign up to be among the first to know.

     So is this the fabled PlayStation 4? It seems very likely with the increase in rumors that have popped up as of late. Also with Sony handing out mysterious dev kits under the code name "Orbis" it seems even more likely that the February 20th announcement will be about the next console in the PlayStation family.

     What will the PS4 (or Orbis) be like? My hope is that it won't just be a hardware upgrade to the aging PS3. It would be nice if it featured a more modular design that allowed for graphical upgrades akin to the PC, only in a more simplified form. There's also been a lot of speculation that the PS4 will don a more fluid user interface and online service; whether this means a payed subscription akin to Xbox Live, who can say. Perhaps PlayStation Plus will soon be like Xbox Live Gold? My biggest hope for the PS4 is that Sony has learned from the PS3 and PSP launches that hardware alone does not sell, but rather, a system needs a strong lineup of both exclusive games and and third party titles. However, judging by the PS Vita's launch (and continued) lineup of software, I wouldn't hold my breath.

     This also begs the question: Do we really need a PS4? If you ask me it seems as though Sony is only entertaining the idea because Nintendo just released the Wii U and Microsoft is most likely releasing the next Xbox. What is the point of a new console? With current hardware limitations I can't see the PS4 being marginally better than it's predesscessor. Nintendo's move made sense because the Wii wasn't an HD console, but really how much better can it be? These are interesting questions to be sure but at the moment they are pure speculation and discussion based on rumor. We'll have to wait until February 20th before we have more concrete details to go on.

What do you guys think? Are you excited? Indifferent? Do you think we need a PS4?

Source: https://us.playstation.com/meeting2013/

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